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Software Release History Version 13


October 2 – Version 13.2.18 Build 3111


    • Added ‘Turn on Text Marketing’ to the Setup Progress bar. When clicking on this item it will show the dialog for them to sign up for Text Marketing.
    • Once the user signs up for Text Marketing through the software they will be shown a help dialog to guide them how to get started with Text Marketing.
    • The new help dialog will be shown to the user when adding a text campaign but have less than 10 clients opted in.

Marketing Wizard

  • For users who have Text Marketing, they will now be shown a new Marketing Wizard when adding email and text campaigns. This wizard will guide users to easily create different types of campaign.
  • Going through the wizard will default to select associated professionally designed templates, but the user also has the option to select their saved templates.
August 27 – Version 13.1.18 Build 3102


  • New feature – Text Marketing!
  • On the Marketing screen there is a new option for ‘Add Text Campaign’
  • There is also a new drop down menu item ‘Send New Text Blast’ under the Messaging and Marketing tab.
  • Setting up a Text Campaign is very similar to setting up an E-mail Campaign.
  • Text campaigns will only target clients who have subscribed to receive text marketing.
April 11 – Version 13.1.17 Build 3096


    • Updated the DMS promo image and copyright year
    • Added a new option to modify notifications for new Online Booking requests.
    • This new setting will allow users to enable/disable notifications for new online booking requests and also set how often the notification will be shown. By default this setting will be turned on with a refresh rate of 30 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an Online Booking request with a membership service couldn’t be accepted.
March 27 – Version 13.1.16 Build 3094


  • Updated the DMS promo image and copyright year
  • Changed the iSC Touch 250 CardConnect device to suggest tips based on the service total instead of the ticket total.
  • Changed the CardConnect devices to show the service total instead of the ticket total on the tip step.
  • The loyalty points prompt will no longer be shown automatically when viewing a closed ticket.
  • When a product is marked inactive, it will no longer be set for auto-reordering.Bug Fixes
  • If the user has employee permissions set up to not remember who is logged in and enforce permissions on formula notes, they will always have to enter their password when viewing them.
  • Fixed an issue where membership services on OLB requests were not getting included in available services when the request was rejected.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing or using a gift card alongside a membership activation would prevent the membership from starting.
  • Fixed an issue with the Minimal them where selected rows weren’t showing they were selected.
January 31 – Version 13.1.14 Build 3088


  • The Client Report no longer errors out when “Only show active clients” is unchecked.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when declining to merge clients from the booking request form.
  • Fixed an issue where when the ticket had a lot of items on it and the time was changed and saved, it would error out because it couldn’t find the ticket item when comparing.
  • When adding a time block the description drop down will always be blank and not use the previous selection.
  • Merging 2 clients will no longer incorrectly show that another computer has already edited the client being merged.
  • The user will now be prompted whether or not they would like to use the connected CardConnect device when adding a card on file.
January 9 – Version 13.1.13 Build 3086


  • Updated the default tip percentages when using the iscTouch 250 device. It will now show 15, 20, 25 percent when asking for a tip on the new tip screen.
  • The wait list will no longer show the progress dialog when auto-refreshing.
  • Fixed an issue where client memberships were showing as suspended in the list view when they did have a failed payment but the membership was also canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Show Detailed Date Columns’ button was shown for OLB requests.



November 15 – Version 13.1.12 Build 3082


  • Fixed an issue where processing through CardConnect was not letting them get to the tip screen on the device for users you had lower case letters in their serial number.
November 13 – Version 13.1.11 Build 3081


  • Added support for a new Tip screen on the iSC Touch 250 CardConnect device. This tip screen will allow the user to select a percent amount of the total to add as a tip or enter a custom amount. This will require a terminal device update which will be rolling out to our merchants. If their device is not updated, it will fall back to the current enter tip screen.
  • Winform will now show a ‘Completing Transaction’ message on the bolt device between the time where the user is done with the device and the transaction is completed.
  • The confirmation step on the CardConnect Bolt devices has been reordered to come after the reading of the card finishes instead of happening before the card is inserted/swiped.
  • Added an option to disable the confirmation step on CardConnect Bolt devices. The option is enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit Membership button was incorrectly visible when editing a closed ticket.
October 18 – Version 13.1.10 Build 3078


  • Updated CardConnect and Membership promo images.
  • The “First Visit Clients” dashboard widget now includes clients who have a first visit date set and an appointment the same day whether the ticket is closed or still open.
  • The ‘New Client Detail’ report now includes clients who have a first visit date set and an appointment the same day whether the ticket is closed or still open.
  • Inactive clients will now be excluded from the Client Report when Quick Filters are used.
  • Updated the merchant ID validation logic to call the new CardConnect endpoint that will correctly validate the merchant ID.
  • QuickBooksSync will now include the credit card authorization code on the payment method in QuickBooks.
August 9 – Version 13.1.9 Build 3076


  • Added a new dialog to prompt users to merge clients when opening a booking request for a new client if duplicates exist. If multiple duplicates are found, the oldest client is displayed in the dialog.
  • When merging a client from a booking request, the oldest duplicate client is automatically selected for Client B.
  • When updating, if the user is outside the US, the “Send Marketing E-mails” checkbox will not be checked by default on the new client form.
  • Updated the merchant ID validation logic to call the new CardConnect endpoint that will correctly validate the merchant ID.
June 29 – Version 13.1.8 Build 3072


  • Fixed the wording of the E-mail section on the Client Options form. It now references the existing checkbox instead of referencing a checkbox that was removed long ago.
  • The dialog that comes up before changing/removing the database password now includes a masked input box.
  • When updating, if the user is outside the US, the “Send Marketing E-mails” checkbox will not be checked by default on the new client form.
  • Updated the merchant ID validation logic to call the new CardConnect endpoint that will correctly validate the merchant ID.
June 26 – Version 13.1.7 Build 3072


  • The dialog that comes up before changing/removing the database password now includes a masked input box.
  • When updating, if the user is outside the US, the “Send Marketing E-mails” checkbox will not be checked by default on the new client form.
  • Updated the merchant ID validation logic to call the new CardConnect endpoint that will correctly validate the merchant ID.
May 21 – Version 13.1.6 Build 3065


  • Prevented merging of clients that both have active memberships.
  • The default number of days to clean up the activity log has been changed from 14 to 60.
  • Merging clients that have cards on file will combine the cards on file into the primary selected client.
  • Clients with active or suspended membership cannot be deleted without the user first fully canceling the membership.
May 02 – Version 13.1.5 Build 3063


  • Added a merge client button to the online booking request form.
  • The default number of days to clean up the activity log has been changed from 14 to 60.
  • Added in a way to tie in the new Online Booking feature for user accounts to the application.
  • Added an option to enable/disable the user account feature through the software
  • Consolidated the e-mail and text sections of the client modify form and added a new field that represents whether or not the client has created an account.
  • If the client does not have a user account created there is now an option on the client form to email an invite.
  • Added a message to alert the user if they are scheduling a ticket that has a membership service that is unavailable to be redeemed.
  • Added a way to send an account invite to all of the customer’s clients.
  • When an automated payment is successfully processed for a membership, a receipt email will now be automatically sent to the client.
  • Fixed ‘Check For Update’ default setting to check every 30 days.
  • Fixed an issue where when processing memberships if an error is thrown it does not continue to process the remaining memberships.
  • Fixed being able to void a ticket that has a membership with a future start date.
  • Fixed an issue where client phone numbers were still visible even though the ‘Show Client Contact Information’ permission was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where a credit card authorization wasn’t being voided if adding a card on file failed.
  • Changed the manual card entry screen to automatically select the card number.
  • Stopped record lock checks from occurring when the ticket is being automatically closed by a CardConnect transaction.
February 01 – Version 13.1.4 Build 3057


  • Updated the security protocol for OpenEdge card processing.
  • Improvements to membership functionality.
  • Made changes to make refunding a membership easier.
  • Resolved issues with errors happening when selling, redeeming, or implementing memberships and pre-paid services.
  • Improved tip handling and CardConnect transaction processing.
  • Updated the copyright year.


December 14 – Version 13.1.3 Build 3052


  • Fixed an issue where some users were experiencing issues closing a ticket.
  • Fixed an issue where Service IDs that contain an apostrophe were no longer able to be added to a ticket.
  • Walk-in and Backbar clients should now work with multi-ticket checkouts.
  • Resolved an issue where prepaid services were not correctly redeemed when using multi-ticket checkout.
  • The Balance columns on the General Ledger screen should now populate correctly.
November 27 – Version 13.1.2 Build 3042


  • New Feature with CardConnect – Memberships!
    • New icon on the icon bar for Memberships.
    • Two display modes shown: Available Memberships & Sold Memberships.
    • Add a membership: Link specific services or/and products with discounts.
    • Can be billed monthly (max 12 months) or yearly.
    • Service quantities can be marked as unlimited or a set amount.
    • Membership category added to the look-up screen.
    • New membership purchase form to sell memberships, change price, select start date, decide when to end the membership, and the ability to select a payment on file to link to the membership.
    • Membership created on ticket close out.
    • Client memberships can be viewed from Sold Memberships under the Display section on the membership screen. This will show a list of every membership that has been sold.
    • From the sold membership screen a user is able to view a specific membership. When viewing the membership the user is able to see the details about the membership, update the card linked to the membership, cancel the membership, view the billing history, view future payments, view services that are linked to the membership that have been used on a ticket, and view discounts that have been received from this membership. A user is also able to process any future/failed payments and also void any tickets/payments that have been made.
    • Totals report now has a new line item for Memberships. This will contain tickets where a membership has been sold, refunded, and where a payment has been made.
    • New Report – Monthly Client Membership Cost/Revenue for All Days (#164): this report will include the cost of services and product/service discount that are linked to the membership that has been sold.
  • Improvements to rebooking and recurring prepaid services.
  • Employees marked as inactive will now have their Remote Access and Online Booking accounts automatically deactivated
  • When an employee is marked as inactive they will no longer be marked to receive messaging notifications.
  • Resolved an issue where the server computer could connect to itself as a client computer.
  • Closing an unedited ticket modify form will no longer tell the user changes were made.
August 30 – Version 13.0.1 Build 3025


  • Updated CardConnect promo graphic.
August 24 – Version 13.0.0 Build 3024


  • Enhancements to CardConnect integration; including user interface, displays, processing speed and prompts.
  • Transactions already processed by CardConnect will now be refunded when voided through the software.
  • Manual transactions now cannot be cancelled.
  • New – Loyalty Point Functionality: Products and services may now have separate point systems.
  • Also, loyalty points can now be issued to referring clients automatically.
  • Added ability to select a clients available reward when opening a ticket.
  • New settings to the Hardware Setup tab that allows users to choose what credit card receipts to print after a transaction has been processed.
  • Added a new report named Sales By ZIP And Demographics.
  • Improvements to software themes, user interface and error handling.
  • Optimized email storage.
  • Better instructions when editing gift certificates.
  • Resolved errors with updating services, products, or clients.
  • Fixes related to reports, tickets, and various settings.
  • Fixed an issue where 5 minute services were confusing Online Booking.
August 8 – Version 13.0.0 Build 3021


  • Fixed an issue where adding a tip would sometimes cause the software to crash with CardConnect.
June 13 – Version 13.0.0 Build 3020


  • CardConnect processing enhancements, display tweaks and additional error logging.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed stored credit cards with a Walk In client.
  • Resolved an issue within the software backup system where the software was not making a backup before updating from Version 11 or lower.
June 5 – Version 13.0.0 Build 3019


  • New Credit Card Processing Partner – CardConnect.
    • Added the ability to store credit cards on file.
    • Users will now be able to automatically charge cards on file.
    • Credit card device will now prompt clients to enter a tip, which will be automatically added to the ticket.
    • Credit card transactions can now be voided through the software directly.
    • Easily monitor transactions and run financial reports through CardConnect’s online portal CardPointe.
  • Enhancements to confirmation icons on the appointment book.
  • Added a new theme called Minimal.
  • Improvements to themes: Lucid Dream, Noir Moderne, Misty Water, Mountain Peak, Trendy, Aero.
  • Removed the following themes: Chameleon, Claymation, Grey Haven, Irish Hills, Mars Bar, Moonlight, River Bed, Spring Meadow, Space Cadet.
  • Software now uses .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Removed all icons in the drop-down menus.
  • Additional items being recorded on the Activity Log.
    • Deleting a gift card.
    • Deleting a time block.
    • Changing a client ID.
    • Plus delete actions will no longer be removed with activity log clean up.
  • Fixed a bug when adding tips with Independent Contractor’s.