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National Women’s Small Business Month

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Written by Camilla Mills

spa business women

spa business women

October marks National Women’s Small Business month—a time to recognize the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs and their contributions to the economy. DaySmart Software, makers of Daysmart Spa, has always been invested in the growth of women in business. In fact, 85% of our customers are female-owned businesses. With that, we wanted to highlight some of our most inspiring female customers.

Fountain of Youth

Sue Alderson opened Fountain of Youth Skin Renewal Centre in Hartland, Michigan in 2005. She had taken Botox training and realized she wanted to open up her own operation. Sue’s advice to professionals who want to pursue careers in the spa business is to go slowly. There is a lot of competition out there, so it’s important to investigate which services you want to offer and how it will impact you financially.

Sue uses Daysmart Spa software to run several reports, including what types of services she’s sold and her monthly sales, which saves her a lot of time.

Pure Touch Skin Center

Katherine Juarez is the Director of Operations at Pure Touch Skin Center in Sherman Oaks, California. When Katherine joined Pure Touch, the first thing she did was look at the business and make sure everything was accounted for. In particular, she wanted to make sure Pure Touch was using all the tools at its disposal—including Daysmart Spa software. Katherine says that Daysmart Spa makes it incredibly easy to schedule follow-up appointments, which is essential in the spa industry. If a patient comes in for a procedure, like Botox, they need to come back in three months. With Daysmart Spa, Pure Touch’s follow-up rate increased from 10% to 60%.

Pure Touch

Capital Laser & Skin Care

Capital Laser & Skin Care is the vision of Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi. Based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, it is a place where men and women can experience the rejuvenating benefits of the latest and greatest dermatology treatments. Every treatment and procedure performed at Capital Laser & Skin Care is designed to provide maximum benefits with minimal recovery so customers can start enjoying results sooner, without missing time from the things they love doing.

Bella Sol Med Spa

Bella Sol Med Spa is owned by Nina Gaetano and Luis Perez. It is where state-of-the-art technology merges with artistry and beauty, offering a unique and enjoyable experience. Bella Sol offers a wide selection of the most trusted laser, CoolSculpting and anti-aging treatments in a pampering spa environment. Their experienced staff specializes in non-invasive cosmetic and anti-aging medicine, offering the perfect blend of aesthetics and science for all customers’ cosmetic needs.

bella sol

To learn how our Daysmart Spa software can grow not just female-owned businesses, but all spa businesses, visit our product page here.