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The Facts: Why You Should Move to the Cloud

We want to ensure you have all the facts when it comes to moving from your current desktop version to our cloud-based solution. Keep reading for reasons why everyone is making the switch. To schedule time with a representative to learn more, complete the form on the right!

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The Reality of What You Have

  • Businesses who have the desktop version are more vulnerable to issues such as losing their data, having their data compromised, and bugs that can impact business operations.
  • DaySmart no longer provides system support to customers on a perpetual Version 13 or older desktop versions. If there are any bugs or issues in your system, we will no longer be able to assist you.
  • If your device shuts off, you won't be able to access and use your Remote Access Mobile Apps.
  • The system was built to coincide with Microsoft, and they are no longer supporting .Net 4.5 or OSS for all versions, which may cause issues with your system that lacks support from both Microsoft and DaySmart.
  • The Reality of Cloud Support

  • Updates are automatic and release feature enhancements and address small fixes.
  • Data security is crucial, and cloud users don't have to worry about their database getting compromised.
  • Disaster protection if there was equipment failure, robbery, fire in the business, or water damage, your information is still easily accessible because it is stored in the cloud.
  • Having your system in the cloud lowers your risk of issues impacting your daily operations.
  • The cloud software is fully supported, so you have access to a dedicated team to help you with questions and fixes.
  • Cloud

    Unlock More Features

    Credit Card Processing

    Speed up client purchasing with integrated payment technology *only available for US clients

    Online Forms

    Create and send customized forms and waivers

    reputation management
    Reputation Management

    Manage your reputation online by soliciting reviews and get in front of complaints

    Two-Way Texting

    Answer questions and confirm appointments with clients in real-time

    Text Marketing

    Let customers know about promotions, last minute openings, and important shop updates


    Sync every transaction to QuickBooks Online® and keep your taxes straight

    Making the Shift is Easy

    Ready to access everything that’s ​possible with DaySmart Spa?  Complete this form and one of our representatives will help you become more efficient, fully supported, and more profitable!

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